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Rev. Elizabeth Paddon; born in the United Kingdom into a military family and travelled extensively throughout her life from babyhood. Elizabeth has experienced many situations in her search for the truth while doing her work as a recognized Medium within the Christian Spiritual Religion and later as an ordained minister. Elizabeth has also taught workshops and given many lectures and seminars on Spiritual Development and being At One with God.


Since 1979 Elizabeth has been enlightening those in need of better understanding of the self at their request and helping those that knew in their heart of hearts that there had to be more to life than toil and death. Elizabeth has previously lived in such places as: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, San Antonio and Houston Texas, plus Las Vegas Nevada USA and for many years. Her Spiritual education began in Great Britain and concluded in Canada where she went to the rostrum as a fully fledged Medium and Healer in 1986; she later shared these abilities with more Spiritual churches in the Canada, United States of America and her home country United Kingdom.


Since 1987 Elizabeth was busy teaching spiritual development and collecting data through her many experiences in which to write about in her metaphysical books, originally thought to be only one book, which have now grown to quite a few books. Throughout the many years she has spent a lot of time working as a paranormal investigator.  Elizabeth is well loved and received wherever she goes and has been honoured with three ordinations, and asked to guest on Television and Radio shows, as well as been written about in numerous Newspapers and Magazines in many countries.


Elizabeth has held many positions throughout her interesting working career from: an Executive Manager of Selective Management Services in Toronto, Assistant at the Living Archive in Milton Keynes  where she worked with Paul Martin (now BBC Flogg It! fame) helping the creation of books for locals and interviewing local celebrities on radio. Additionally, she has written a variety of spiritual newsletters for churches and had books published including: 11:11 Awakening Concept,and The Soul Saver, Spiritual Secrets andher latest book now available entitled, Weighty Perceptions.

Elizabeth presently resides in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, in England the country of her birth.








The culmination of being born a Medium - Healer and all that life sent my way. The trials and tribulations of life's journeys' and the tests of Spirit and others because of my God given talents and gifts. Living life with "knowing" yet succomming to human problems just like everyone else. This book is now available in hardback at Elizabeth's online storefront at:





The Soul Saver is about the various paranormal investigations the author undertook some of which were with Dr. Ian Currie who wrote; YOU CANNOT DIE which made him well-known for his work in the paranormal and past life regression fields. THE SOUL SAVER tells of some of the paranormal investigations Ian conducted with Rev. Elizabeth Paddon, as well as further paranormal investigations undertaken by Elizabeth in her continuing work today. There have been many books written on the subject of ghosts, but most leave the reader knowing the ghosts still walk the halls of time. With so many places now being the sites for paranormal activity, is it not better to know that they can be rescued and their lessons learned, for the ghosts as well as us? THE SOUL SAVER has included within its pages channelled information from the spirit realms, adding an edge to the stories, and assisting the reader to prevent them from becoming a ghost at the end of their present lifetime.

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"The Quickest Way to become a Spiritual or Psychic Adviser is through Spiritual Development.
The way points You to becoming a Metaphysical Practitioner from the Comfort of your own Armchair!"

SPIRITUAL SECRETS (Psychic) Development will give you a true method that literally anybody, no matter what your education level, as anyone can understand and use this course to generate a positive attitude not only in yourself but in all those around you, in a matter of hours or just a few months depending on if you chose to take things in slowly or quickly, as long as you take the course from beginning to end diligently.

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